We’re Under the Same Sky BUT…

And now I accept the fact that we are under the same sky but while I’m here stuck staring above wishing about you, you were under your roof sleeping peacefully not thinking of me.

While I’m still waiting for a wishing star to come down to whisper my heart’s desire I also knew for sure that you will never coming back anymore.

I was never prepared for this day to come, when you’ll turn your back and never give a fuck.

I was never prepared giving up all those memories I keep inside my heart.

I was never prepared to lose everything that we had.

I know I am the only one being inlove, I am the only one pouring my heart out because for you it was only inside jokes and funny remarks but I am sorry that I fell with those words, giving thousands of meaning when in fact it was nothing.

I am still stuck under this same huge sky still wishing for the moment even I know will not coming back, ohh, it’ll not coming back because it never happened to come even from the start.

We are under the same sky but we are in different page of our lives and different interpretation of love.


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