You’re So Much More

I tell you it’s okay if other people won’t see your worth how you handle your own life despite of all the rejections coming in, how you do small choirs just to make you feel better and productive, how you take little steps towards your dream, how you chose to believe in yourself even everybody isn’t. It’s okay if they don’t see how hard you try, even though you cannot exceed their hard work. It’s okay as long as you are doing it by yourself and you are not a burden to them. It’s okay if your little words are never heard that was made for the huge crowd not with those silent hearts. It’s okay if they don’t see how hard you try, you don’t have to impress the society to be recognized and applauded even Saints don’t want too, that it’s just the cruel society.

Your whole life is a manifestation of work and living is a hard work that needs to be done every single day so I tell you, You are efficient. It’s okay if you don’t beat other peoples sedulous and triumph you have your own skills and ability so as you have your own timeline and success. Working through your own pace and own standard, living in your own pedestal and extent.

Don’t let human words drag you down, you are capable of your own actions and responsible of your own words. You can listen but just don’t comprehend, it isn’t disrespecting but know what is good in your heart, the universe language is not as sweet as love, it can be cruel and piercing something that can shatter your soul into million pieces. And in these kind of world you have to learn different kind of language, language that doesn’t exist after all, language that you yourself understands, to see even in darkness and to hear despite of silence

You have to stood for yourself, don’t look at yourself as other people looked at you. You have to level your sight to your values and capabilities and that is so much more. Don’t just justify your abilities by someones capacity because you were born different and extraordinaire. You are so much than the person who are standing in front of everybody else, you are so much more.


Eliminate what hurts and radiate what mends.

If you choose to absorb all the hate the world is pouring you, you allow the negativity to kill what’s in you, and you become stiff to remember your worth as a person. You’ll forget what you plant in your mind and in your heart, that you’re extraordinary and empowered.


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